Program & Tuition

Our program includes private lessons, biweekly group classes, recitals, master classes, recital preparation with a pianist, and studio social events.

Attendance at all studio events is expected of all students. This is a violin-priority studio, meaning that we ask families to limit other activities and ensure that violin is able to receive significant daily committed time. 

Students receive one 45-60 lesson each week. Group classes for younger students focus on ensemble playing, leadership, and music theory. High school students attend specially scheduled group classes to perform their repertoire for peers and prepare for auditions. 


Our tuition is competitively priced for a program of this caliber. We are more expensive than the typical storefront school whose teachers are recent college graduates without specialized training. Because of our unique curriculum and exceptional faculty, students will make as much progress in one year as they would make in three or more years with a more typical teacher.

Our various teachers charge different rates which reflect their background and accomplishments. We are committed that no one be turned away due to cost, and provide scholarship to cover the cost of committed families with demonstrable financial need. 

Please contact [email protected] for our current rates.