Materials for Kaleidoscopes Book 2

Full-length mirror. Beginning in Book 2, students will be working with a mirror to work on their posture and expressive movement. Please obtain a full-length mirror of any type (wall, leaning, or free-standing). The mirror must be located in the student’s practice room, and must not be in another room or in the bathroom. Place the mirror so that there is enough room on all sides for the student to move freely.

Flash cards (PDF). Printing instructions are included.

BONUS (reading practice): Domerc Etudes (PDF) Print double-sided if possible.

BONUS (reading practice): 20 Etudes for the Violin, opus 32 Book 1, by Hans Sitt. You may alternately use the PDF link here (print double-sided).

Materials for Suzuki Book 2

Please purchase a dedicated metronome such as the PogoLab Digital Metronome / bluetooth speaker, here.

Franz Wohlfahrt, The Complete Wohlfahrt Etudes. While other partial editions are available, the full set of his etudes will provide the best breadth and depth.

William Starr, Scales Plus.

Susan Brown, Two Octave Scales & Bowings.

Materials for Kaleidoscopes Book 3

Suzuki Violin School, Volume 4

Josephine Trott, Melodious Double-Stops for Violin, Books 1 and 2

Markwood Holmes, Above the First Position.

Robert Starer, Rhythmic Training

Materials for  Suzuki Book 4

Suzuki Violin School, Volume 4

Jacques Mazas, 75 Melodious and Progressive Etudes, Op 36 (Complete), Schirmer Edition.

EXTRA PRACTICE: Preparing for Kreutzer, by Harvey Whistler. These etudes develop finger agility, extensions, second position, grace notes, and trills.

BONUS MATERIAL: Solos for Young Violinists, Volume 2, by Barbara Barber. This book includes several fun pieces, in particular Millionaire’s Hoedown, Introduction & Polonaise.

Materials for Suzuki Book 5-6

Suzuki Violin School, Volume 5 & 6.  

Hans Sitt, Etudes op.32 Book 2 (Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Positions), by Hans Sitt. You can purchase this from a music store or print the book (double-sided) from this link 

Jakob Dont, 24 Studies Preparatory to Kreutzer and Rode, International Edition.

Rudolph Kreutzer, 42 Studies, Schirmer Edition 

Barbara Barber, Solos for Young Violinists, Volume 3. (Accolay Concerto and other selections.) 

Barbara Barber, Solos for Young Violinists, Volume 4. (Ten Have Allegro Brilliant and other selections.) 

Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons (Complete), Schirmer Edition.

Advanced Literature Essential Library

This is a list of essentials for a player who is just moving into advanced literature. Other literature may be explored in addition to those listed here.

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, International Edition

Bruch Violin Concerto, International Edition

Bach Solo Sonatas & Partitas, International Edition, edited by Galamian; or you can check out Rachel Barton Pine’s edition.

Mozart Violin Concerto #3, Schirmer Edition

Mozart Violin Concerto #4, International Edition

Wieniawski Violin Concerto #2, International Edition

Rode: 24 Caprices, International Edition

Advanced Library, Level 2:

Saint-Saens Violin Concerto #3, Schirmer Edition

Barber Violin Concerto

Franck Violin Sonata, International Edition

Gavinies Etudes