Intermediate & Advanced

excellence, leadership & Creativity


We believe that becoming a musician is a valuable purusit in and of itself. Some students may become professional violinists, while others will go on to have rich and satisfying careers in other fields. We train all seriously because making music is more enjoyable when one can create the sounds one envisions in one’s mind. The deeper the training, the deeper the development of mind, character, and spirit.

Technical Training

Expressive repertoire is balanced with more technically focused training, since students’ musical expression relies on their techique feeling easy, confident, and natural. Students who begin with us typically begin three-octave scales, octaves, sixths, and chromatic scales during their third year of study, and work through a full etude book each year.


All students are encouraged to participate in Austin Youth Orchestra as well as their school’s orchestra program. Many of our students have achieved top honors in Region Orchestra and performed as soloists with their middle school and high school orchestras.


We customize repertoire to the needs and interests of each student. We cover Suzuki literature comprehensively through Book 4 and selectively through Book 7, incorporating other selections to create a balance of styles. Advancing students move into Baroque, classical and romantic concertos.


Our students and former students have achieved highest honors in the American Protégé Violin Concerto Competition, Golden Classical Music Awards, Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition, ENKOR International Music Competition, Great Composers Competitions’ Master of Violin Concertos, Asian American Festival Competition; ADMTA state competition, and first violinist with the Austin Chamber Music Center’s Honors Quartet.

They have gone on to music schools including Texas State University, University of North Texas, Boston Conservatory, New England Conservatory, Yale University School of Music, and McDuffie School of Music; and to perform with the Boston Philharmonia, Budapest Festival Orchestra, Verbier Festival Orchestra; and earned principal positions in the Pacific Symphony and Rochester Symphony Orchestra.